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Abstracts are due 1 October 2021 8 October 2021 [extended deadline].  As with previous years, we will have a rolling abstract submission system.  Your abstract will be accepted (or declined, in rare cases) within three working days of submission.  However, you will only be notified if you have an oral or poster presentation by 1 November 2021.   



ACNS encourages submission of abstracts describing new research in cognitive neuroscience, defined broadly as the study of the relationship between the brain, mind and behaviour. Abstracts must be written in understandable English and will be evaluated on the basis of scientific merit by peer review. Abstracts should report original data that will not be published elsewhere prior to the meeting, although presentation at a recent meeting (e.g., within a year) of another society is acceptable. We encourage all types of research: new research and preliminary findings, protocols and registered reports, theoretical reports, systematic reviews and meta-analyses.

Abstracts that are accepted for presentation will be published in the conference proceedings, which will be published on the ACNS website. The Scientific Committee reserves the right to make editorial corrections to submitted abstracts.

Click here for full abstract submission guidelines

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