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University of Queensland – Postdoctoral Research Fellow

24 months, Queensland Brain Institute:

Based in the Neuropsychology Research Clinic, the successful appointee will investigate the cognitive mechanisms involved in the early stages of language generation and the role of broader cognition with a focus on frontal lobe functions.

Applications close: 

University of Technology Sydney – Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Alzheimer’s Disease

36 months, Centre for Neuroscience and Regenerative Medicine, School of Life Sciences

Seeking an experienced Neuroscientist with understanding and insight into the genetics of Alzheimer’s disease, that will enable conducting research that will elucidate the molecular mechanisms of the disease, and to investigate novel pharmacological approaches that may ultimately alleviate neurodegenerative, neuroinflammatory, and behavioural alterations associated with dementia. The Fellow will be involved in conception, design, and performance of novel projects and experiments, in collaboration with the supervisor. Research will be undertaken independently and as directed by Prof. Vissel. The work involves rodent models. For more information please click here.

IBM Research Scientist – Health AI Postdoc FTH

24 months, Melbourne

Seeking a highly motivated and passionate postdoctoral researcher to join IBM’s AI for Health team. Our mission is to develop Artificial Intelligence technologies for helping deliver top quality health care while mitigating the spiralling costs of the health care system. In order to make this a reality, we develop deep learning methodologies in collaboration with clinical researchers. We are seeking a proactive, passionate postdoctoral researcher to contribute to our deep learning applications for eye disease understanding and management. For more information please click here.

IBM Research Scientist – Data Scientist

Permanent or 24 months, Melbourne.

IBM Research is looking for Research Scientist candidates to fill a position in IBM’s Health Care team, though interest in other domains (e.g. Financial Services, Government) is also welcome. The teams focus is designing and developing novel AI techniques and established machine learning methods to health care and related industries. The team is proactive both in publishing our work in top academic conferences as well as demonstrating its value with clients. For more information please click here


NEUROFUTURES: Neuroscience and Responsibility, 3rd-4th December, 2019, Melbourne, Australia
There are a wide range of ways in which neuroscience can invoke responsibility. The identification of differences in brain structure and function among some individuals may potentially have important implications for criminal and moral responsibility in our legal system and other key social institutions. Neuroscience research and the development of new neurotechnologies needs to be undertaken responsibly to ensure we realise its promise while mitigating unintended harms. How we structure the environment or design policies, interventions and social interactions can also influence the sorts of opportunities and behaviours that we are able to engage in. We also need to consider who should be held responsible when things go wrong in neuroscience research or when neurotechnologies result in unexpected side-effects.

International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine Conference (ISMRM), 18th-23rd April, 2020, Sydney, Australia.
The largest international meeting of medical magnetic resonance imaging researchers.

Australian Brain Stimulation Society Conference (ABSS), 13th-14th July, 2020,  Brisbane, Australia.
The event will feature international and national keynote speakers, symposia and talks from brain stimulation researchers and clinicians, and most importantly, the opportunity to develop and extend collaborative links.
Symposium Abstracts are to be submitted via email to by 21st Feb, 2020.
Poster and oral presentations opening soon.

Australasian Brain and Psychological Sciences Conference, 15th-18th July, 2020, Brisbane, Australia

@abps2020 (twitter; website to follow)
A combined meeting of the Experimental Psychology Conference (EPC), Australasian Cognitive Neuroscience Society, and the Organization for Human Brain Mapping Australian Chapter.

Biological Psychiatry Australia (BPA) 10th Annual Meeting, 18th-20th October 2020, Sydney, Australia.
This annual meeting is for professionals interested in the advancement of biological research in psychiatry.  The research focus of the Society encompasses application of biological techniques to investigate and better understand the causes of psychiatric disorders, and the translation of neuroscience research to the development of more effective clinical treatments. Data presented includes animal, cellular, and human research, and aims to promote academic exchange and collaboration between researchers and clinicians.