2021 Australasian Cognitive
Neuroscience Society Conference
18 and 19 November

Conference program

The final program is below. Please note all time are AEDT (Sydney/Melbourne).

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Conference booklet

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Thursday 18th November

Sydney/Melbourne times (AEDT)

Friday 19th November

Sydney/Melbourne times (AEDT)

Session 1
Welcome and Acknowledgement of Country Chair: Thomas Carlson
Session 6
Welcome and Acknowledgement of Country Co-chairs: Tijl Grootswagers and Anina Rich
Acknowledgement of Lifetime Award winner

Emeritus Prof Micheal Corbalis

Thomas Suddendorf
Keynote from Young Investigator Award winner

Prof Karen Caeyenberghs

Chair: Tijl Grootswagers
Keynote from Emerging Researcher Award 1

Dr Mana Biabani

Chair: Sharna Jamadar Keynote from Emerging Researcher Award 2

Sidhant Chopra

Chair: Anina Rich
Session 2
Rapid fire presentations Co-chairs: Thomas Carlson and Talitha Ford
Session 7
Rapid fire presentations Co-chairs: Anina Rich and Tijl Grootswagers
13 × 3 minute presentations
13 × 3 minute presentations
Ageing and clinical Attention, memory and decision making
The DelIrium VULnerability in GEriatrics (DIVULGE) Study: Protocol for a prospective EEG study of incident delirium Monique Boord A longitudinal investigation of the impacts of sleep on sustained attention in children Georgia Radford
Relationships between Cognition, Reward Drive, and Impulsivity in Adolescence and Young Adulthood Montana Hunter Decision strategies: causal investigations of the trade-off between decision speed and accuracy in the frontal cortex Hannah Filmer
Which measures from a sustained attention task best predict ADHD group membership? Katherine Johnson The magic of memory: rapid consolidation via prior knowledge and repeated retrieval Hayley Caldwell
Characterising anatomical heterogeneity in psychiatric disorders using normative models Ashlea Segal Built environment design modulates autonomic and EEG indices of emotional response Isabella S. Bower
Neural Correlates of Co-Occurring Pain and Depression: A Systematic Review and Activation Likelihood Estimation (ALE) Meta-Analysis Carmen Zheng Trans-ancestry genome wide association study of executive functions in up to 14 877 subjects Aurina Arnatkeviciute
Cognitive and neural mechanisms of subjective time in frontotemporal dementia Lulu Liu No effect on visuospatial or temporal attention following offline parietal iTBS or alpha frequency tACS stimulation in healthy participants Jessica Moretti
Anxiety Attenuates the Behavioural and Neuronal Learning Advantages Conferred by Statistical Stability Elise Rowe Investigating individual differences in impulsivity in relation to varied risky decision-making Taylah Williams
A systematic review into the relationship between blood pressure variability and structural brain changes Daria Gutteridge Heightened risk aversion for auditory versus equivalent visual decision-making trials Dylan Burrowes
Compiling a typical ageing trajectory of the brain: Linking the meso- and macro- scale determinants of cognitive ageing. Robert Di Paolo Choosing increases the value of non-instrumental information Matthew Jiwa
Does cardiorespiratory fitness mediate the relationship between physical activity and cognitive functioning? Teigan Cotterill What’s in the box? EEG correlates of the value of curiosity Patrick Cooper
Periodic and aperiodic neural activity displays age-dependent changes across early-to-middle childhood Aron Hill Cognitive changes in early parenthood: A focus on male parents Chloe Stevens
Cerebrovascular Health and Task Switching Variability in Healthy Ageing Nicholas Ware Baby-brain Phenomenon is a Universal Experience: Cognitive Deficits found in both Birthing and Non-birthing Parents in the Postpartum. Yashasveene Jayachandran
Measuring Myelin in Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Lillian Dipnall White matter tracts underlying verbal fluency after ischaemic stroke Chen Liang
Poster Session
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Session 3
Oral presentations Co-chairs: Talitha Ford and Jason Mattingley
Session 8
Oral presentations Co-chairs: Paul Dux and Katharina Voigt
4 × 10 minute presentations
4 × 10 minute presentations
Methods Social cognition and perception
Activation Likelihood Estimates Meta-Analysis of Glucose Metabolism Across the Adult Lifespan Hamish Deery Face detection from patterns of shading and shadows Colin Palmer
Metabolic and functional connectomes show domain generality in cognition-connectome relationships: a simultaneous MRI-PET study Katharina Voigt Investigating the encoding of predictive sensory representations in EEG frequency spectra William Turner
Real-time neurofeedback training of spatial and feature-based attention selectively enhances visual processing Angela I. Renton The interrelationship between haemodynamics, excitatory-inhibitory modulation, and social processing abilities. Talitha Ford
NeuroDesk – A cross-platform data analysis environment for reproducible neuroimaging Steffen Bollmann Differences in effective connectivity between postpartum mothers and non-mothers relate to maternal caregiving, cognitive performance, and social cognition Winnie Orchard
Session 4
Rapid fire presentations Co-chairs: Sharna Jamadar and Eric Tan
Session 9
Rapid fire presentations Co-chairs: Paul Dux and Katharina Voigt
13 × 3 minute presentations
13 × 3 minute presentations
Methods and clinical Perception
Capitalising on inter-individual differences in aperiodic activity to evaluate the exclusion of left-handers in EEG language research Nicole Vass Spatial Attention Does Not Modulate the Processing of a Motion Ensemble Louisa Talipski
Cortico-striatal activity distinguishes human safety learning via Pavlovian conditioned inhibition Patrick Laing Dissociating the temporal dynamics of prediction error corresponding to orthogonal attributes of the same visual stimulus Benjamin Lowe
Investigating the relationship between Research Domain Criteria Social Processes, and GABA and glutamate concentrations in the superior temporal sulcus Nina Parrella A correlational study exploring the mechanisms underlying motion-induced position shifts. Timothy Cottier
External speech processing and auditory verbal hallucinations: A systematic review of functional neuroimaging studies Sophie Richards Does conscious expectation influence adaptation to repeated auditory stimuli? Joshua Sabio
An investigation of neuropsychological and lesion characteristics of post-stroke apathy Kristina Horne Motion Extrapolation in the Twinkle-Goes Illusion: Effects of Speed, Duration, and Visibility Ella Wilson
A 1H MRS study investigating the relationships between cortical GSH and cognition and negative symptoms in chronic schizophrenia Caitlin Yolland Perception in real-time: predicting the present, reconstructing the past Hinze Hogendoorn
Noradrenergic modulation of saccades in Parkinson’s disease Isabella Orlando Modulations of perceptual performance over the gait-cycle: a virtual reality experiment Matt Davidson
Characterisation of the Psychopathology of Autoimmune Encephalitis Sher Ting Chim Can mental images compete with visual input? Alexander Sulfaro
Electroencephalography measures of scopolamine’s potential antidepressant effects Joseph Chen Reconstructing remapped stimulus information from EEG in the pre-saccadic period Caoimhe Moran
Understanding the relationship between white matter and cognitive function in bipolar disorder: A systematic review Georgia Caruana The temporal dynamics of rotation-invariant object processing Denise Moerel
Combining information theoretic metrics with electrophysiological measures to characterise early statistical learning mechanisms Thivina Thanabalan Asymmetry in colour similarity Elizabeth Fisher
Natural vs forced language switching: free selection and consistent choices eliminate significant performance costs and cognitive demands in the brain Di Zhu Capacity for movement is a major organisational principle in object representations Sophia Shatek
Investigating predictive coding in younger and older children using MEG and a multi-feature auditory oddball paradigm Hannah Rapaport Unique contributions of perceptual and conceptual humanness to object representations in the human brain Tijl Grootswagers
Session 5
Oral presentations Co-chairs: Muireann Irish and Daniel Feuerriegel
Session 10
Oral presentations Co-chairs: Aurina Arnatkeviciute and Jacob Paul
4 × 10 minute presentations
4 × 10 minute presentations
Ageing and clinical Decision making and memory
Working memory as an endophenotype linking genetic risk for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder to its behavioural traits in a large population-based sample Mia Moses Intertemporal choice reflects value comparison rather than self-control: insights from confidence judgments Adam Bulley
White matter fibre degeneration over 3 years after ischemic stroke Natalia Egorova-Brumley Mapping the neural correlates of decision confidence using event-related potentials Daniel Feuerriegel
The locus coeruleus noradrenaline system in Parkinson’s disease modulating impulsivity and reinforcement learning Claire O’Callaghan Investigating the effects of varying analysis and signal parameters on multivariate decoding of event-related potential data Claudia Locatelli
The structural and functional connectivity of neuromodulatory systems underpins dynamic landscape shifts in brain topology Natasha Taylor
ECR Event
ACNS Virtual Survivor
Closing remarks Chair: Hannah Keage
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