The Australasian Cognitive Neuroscience Conference began in 2010 as the annual conference of the Australasian Society for Psychophysiology (ASP). Following the 2011 ACNC meeting, the new society was formed and now continues to host the annual Australasian Cognitive Neuroscience Conference in Nov/Dec each year.

Upcoming Conferences


ACNC 2017 - The 7th Australasian Cognitive Neuroscience Conference

23-26 November, 2017 - Adelaide, Australia

Chair: Dr Hannah Keage


ACNC 2018 - The 8th Australasian Cognitive Neuroscience Conferene

Late November, 2018 - Melbourne, Australia

Chairs: Drs Stefan Bode and Katherine Johnson


Previous ACNS Conferences


2016Shoal Bay, The University of Newcastle

Auckland, New Zealand

2014    ICON: International Conference on Cognitive Neuroscience, Brisbane
The ACNS Conference was combined with ICON in 2014
Abstracts available here (Frontiers in Human Neuroscience)
2013    Monash University, Melbourne
Abstracts available here (Frontiers in Human Neuroscience)
2012    University of Queensland, Brisbane
Abstracts available here (Frontiers in Human Neuroscience)
2011    Macquarie University, Sydney
2010 Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne
Abstracts available here (EEG and Clinical Neuroscience)