ACNS Young Investigator Award


To recognise outstanding cognitive neuroscientists in Australasia who are making internationally recognised contributions to their field.


Eligibility Criteria:

1.  The award applicant must have no more than 10 years of active research/teaching experience. If there was no break in active research/teaching, for the upcoming 2016 award, the degree must have been awarded in or after 2006.

The committee will consider career disruptions when determining an applicant’s eligibility and assessing achievements (see point 5 of the application below). A career disruption involves a prolonged interruption to an applicant’s capacity to work. This can include (but is not limited to):

·       Pregnancy/adoption;

·       Major illness or injury;

·       Carer responsibilities including parental leave and care for immediate family (e.g. spouse, children or elderly parent).

·       Time spent out of the research/academic environment (e.g., employment in industry)

·      Natural disasters directly impacting research productivity (e.g., closure of research facilities due to flood, fire, earthquake, etc.)

2.  Currently employed (at least 0.5FTE) at a university or research institution within the Australasian region.

3.  Current membership of the Australasian Cognitive Neuroscience Society.


Assessment Criteria:

1.  Demonstrated a significant scientific contribution to research in cognitive neuroscience, broadly defined as the biological or brain foundations of mental/cognitive processes and behaviour.

2.  The committee will consider:

The quality of publications, particularly focusing on the applicant’s nominated Top 5 publications (with citations and other signs of impact or recognition).

Awards, Fellowships, and Grants

Other signs of international recognition for research outcomes such as invitations to present at major conferences or international institutions.

3.  Researchers currently based in Australasia who have conducted their research internationally are welcome to apply.



$1,000 Cash Prize

Invitation to present Plenary Lecture at the next annual meeting of the Australasian Cognitive Neuroscience Society (ACNS), including travel and registration expenses.



Applications due 1 August 2016. Email to Applicants must submit a single PDF document containing:


Brief CV summary (1 page maximum) including:

1.  Name and academic qualifications

2.  List of current and previous positions

3.  List of significant Awards, Fellowships, and Grants

4.  List of major conference presentations or invitations to present at international institutions, prominent positions on editorial boards, review panels, or professional societies, and any other signs of national/international recognition of your contribution and standing in the field.


150-200 word summary of your current research interests, particularly highlighting research achievements or significant outcomes.


List of Top 5 publications, with a brief description for each of the significant contribution made and any recognition received (e.g. signs of impact or recognition such as citations received, editorial commentaries, Faculty of 1000 listing, etc).  (1 page maximum)


Full publication list attached as additional pages.


If applicable, a section (max 200 words) describing any significant career disruptions or responsibilities that could reasonably be considered to affect your eligibility and/or impact your research track record (see Eligibility Criteria 1). Please estimate the impact this may have had on your track record.  



2014 ACNS Young Investigator Awardee, Associate Professor Alex Fornito, Monash University

2015 ACNS Young Investigator Awardee, Associate Professor Donna Rose Addis, The University of Auckland

2016 ACNS Young Investigator Awardee, Associate Professor Paul Dux, University of Queensland